Akabila - The sound of Innocence....

Akabila…. a word I can never think of without a smile on my face. My darling daughter created it when she was around 1 and ½ yrs old. Neither me, nor my husband knew exactly what she meant by this word. But she would say it with the world’s sweetest smile on her face, and then wait for us to say the same to her. Slowly we realized that this was much more than a mere greeting for her. It was the vocalization of a love so innocent, exuberant and absolute that she had to create a new word for it. In a single word it said ‘Hi’, ‘All is well’, ‘Are you OK’ and ‘I Love You’. 

This was not a greeting she called out to just anyone. It was only bestowed upon those closest to her heart. Soon this became our family’s greeting word. When I decided to start this blog I was stumped as to what to name it. Then I decided that this beautiful word would be the best vehicle to connect with my readers. After all, who wouldn't want some innocent and exuberant love in their lives?