While A Pandemic Rages Outside !

 Nothing has been normal for the past year and more. 

But we all strive to find the normal in the abnormal, the small miracles in the misfortunes, and some peace in the relentless storm. 

So much to say...so few words to explain the storm that rages inside. 

So I am starting a new series here...just to share what runs through my mind during these crazy times. There won't be any specific theme for it. Some days it may be a way for me to rant, some days it may be some anecdotes, some days it may be a poem, some days it may be an inspiring story. 

Please forgive me for any mistakes in writing. As life surges around us and we run ragged trying to catch up to it, I find myself very pressed for time. I realized that I am not getting to say what I want because I keep waiting and trying to make my writing PERFECT. But if this pandemic has taught us anything at all, it is that life needs to be lived without any thought about the potential imperfections. So my writing will also be just like that...absolutely RAW and honest. I am going to write as if you are not just a reader, but my best friend...someone I can open up to without fear of judgement. I hope this journey becomes a wonderful one for us.  

Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or feedback. Or if you want to just have a conversation, just say a Hi and let me know how I can get in touch with you. Having friends is the biggest blessing you can have in this pandemic..... 

P.S: This will be a separate series focusing on the pandemic. But I will continue to post other content too...like articles, parenting tips, recipes and more.